FreePATHS requires python 3. On Linux and MacOS, it is probably already installed. On Windows, you may choose to install Anaconda package, which will install everything for you.

Install the package from PyPi repository by entering this command into a terminal or a python console:

pipx install freepaths


If you'd like to work on the code, and run it without installing into your python folders, download the repository:

git clone

Change your terminal directory to the directory of the repository (it' where the README file is):

cd freepaths

Run FreePATH as:

python -m freepaths

This will run the code located inside the freepaths folder (which is inside the downloaded freepaths folder). In this case, the folder freepahts is considered a python module. In case of troubles, make sure to uninstall all other copies of freepaths from your system, for example those installed with pipx:

pipx uninstall freepaths


  • If during installation, the terminal says something like pipx is not found that means you need to install pip in your system.

  • If after installation the program does not run and the error says something like freepaths is not a recognised command or freepaths is not found, but the freepaths package was actually installed, try running everything with python -m prefix, for example: python -m freepaths. This error occurs when the system can't find a path to installed packages, so you may need to restart the terminal or change PATH variable.

  • If installation fails, you can simply download this repository, start the terminal in its main directory (where the license file is) and run the program as python -m freepaths. In this case, you'll always need to run the program from this folder and place your input files there.

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